Monday, August 13, 2012

Well, here you go!  My raw answers to last week's little writing exercise.  I just did my writing right on here with the computer clock, so what you see is what you get!  What did you all come up with?  To catch up anyone that missed last week's post, the exercise was to write for 2 minutes, uncensored and without regard to grammar or form using the bolded statements below as writing prompts.

In my life right now it is most important to . . .be a good wife, mother, and teacher.  to be true to myself, my God, and my family.  To achieve balance in all of those things.  To keep my focus sure and intent on those things which are most important.  To stop being distracted by material things that really have no intrinsic use or meaning.  To stop being wasteful.  To get organized in order to facilitate efficiency.  To be self-disciplined.  To be convicted. 

One day I hope to:

Climb a mountain
Go to Italy
Wake up well-rested
Go to sleep feeling like I truly did the BEST I could have.
To be the kind of mom I want to be.
To stop wishing I was a different kind of mom than I am!
To get a new dishwasher.
To build our own home.
To go on a vacation with my husband.
To not feel the need to own anything
Learn to kayak
plant an herb garden
to have plenty of guilt-free time to play with the kids.

I am frustrated most by:

The house.  In general.  Just wishing I could stop spending any time at all cleaning it!  To know EXACTLY how many clothes we need and have only that.  The laundry.  Always the laundry.  The leaky sink.  The dishwasher.  UGH.  the dishwasher.  The fact that the baby keeps waking up 10 times a night.... probably because he needs his own space away from me.  Can we FIT another baby in that back bedroom... maybe a trundle bed...  Under the bathroom sink.  A shelf?  Should i just get RID of the hand me down clothes?  How much do we REALLY wear them?  The SCHEDULE.  Being disciplined enough to stay on one.  Coffee.  There is not enough of it.  And I drink too much of it.


  1. Hi Kimberly! Checking out your blog for the first time...wonderful! I, too, have a great desire to simplify and live with less. I will be sure to keep checking when you post!

  2. Wow! I always find it interesting when I read a blog and I'm like "wow...I could have wrote this!" lol. The things you are frustrated with (instead of dishwasher it's the washing machine for me) Then the baby waking up 10 times at night...and the coffee!!!! lol I could drink it all day. Every day (and actually I do most of the time) and no-there's not enough of it!